What would you do if you discovered that insects could talk?  And how would you respond if they told you the world was under threat? 

Ten year old twins, Sam and Olivia together with best friends, Charlie and Natalie know little of the magical world that exists under their feet at Table Top Park.  They have no idea it’s under threat from the mysterious Grimper and are shocked when they discover they’ve been chosen by the Bughood Council to lead the fightback.  Sworn to secrecy, their lives are about to change forever.  Are they good enough to survive? 

A magical adventure that will encourage readers to view the natural world around them through a different lens    

The Eternal Cycle is the first book in the Lolloper series. Ideal for children aged 8 to 12 to read independently or together with a grown-up!

The Eternal Cycle was (very) briefly Number 1 children’s books in Amazon US

  • The Four Lollopers could be the ‘famous five’ for today’s kids!  This is the first book in what promises to be an exciting series chronicling the adventures of the four. This series promises to be a welcome addition to our childrens’ bookshelves.

    J Rice

  • This book is outstanding in all aspects beginning with the breathtaking cover! Mr. McCartney pulls the reader in on the first page. his story is polished and professional from the beginning to the end. Although it is written for young readers, adults who love flowing language and exceptional storytelling will enjoy this book. I did!

    Dr Mubarak

  • This is an amazing book! It is excellent.  My favourite part of the story was when Olivia realised that she could speak to the bugs. This book is suitable for any age from 4 to 12. It’s definitely worth buying this book because this book has really got me into reading.

    H Parnam

  • This book is well written and engaging. It tells of a wonderful adventure of unlikely heroes and their surprising new friends. It kept the suspense and twists going throughout the story as you try and piece everything together. It’s a book (series) I will feel safe letting my children read and I know they will enjoy it too.

    Cowgirl 34

  • This is a wonderful and very original adventure story for readers aged about 8 to 10. The plot is packed with action and mystery as the four children join forces with the Bugz to protect the world against the evil Grimper! The characters are strong and likeable. Young readers will love the addition of superpowers too! Highly recommended. Looking forward to book 2 in the series!


  • A funny, quirky adventure story that will be loved by children and adults alike. Four friends are enlisted to save the world from the evil Grimper. The friends gain bug superpowers with unexpected results. A great read!

    Ruth Mallon