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Catherine Gagnon holds a Master’s degree as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner and practices as a Health & Life Coach with an expertise in Lyme disease coaching.

Catherine suffered from Lyme and co-infections in 2016 after it had laid inadvertently dormant for 16 years in her body. Even though she was working as a Nurse Practitioner at the time, she found most of her answers outside the medical system. Despite her failing energy, she studied relentlessly and poured all resources, energy and time into her healing. Had she had access to the knowledge and expertise she has now, she would have easily saved 50 000$ from the 75 000$ + it did cost to regain her health and life. So she wanted to help others do that without the struggle she went through. 

Based on her successful recovery within a year and the expertise knowledge she acquired, she created a beautiful Lyme coaching program called « Life Over Lyme » to help people recover their life from this illness quicker, safer and smarter. 

The program is a global approach where she teaches about the essential pillars of healing with evidence-based medicinal plants antimicrobials, natural supplements, optimal nutrition, recommended exercise, detox, environmental measures, relationships adjustments, emotional mastery, habits and attitudes that taken all together accelerate the return to good health. 

In this program you have access to all the knowledge acquired to successfully heal chronic Lyme within a year based on numerous studies and recommendations from Lyme experts, Catherine’s medical background and personal health journey. This unique combination of knowledge and integration of key changes into people’s lives contributes to empower them on their healing journey, accelerate their return to optimal Health and Life while saving money.

If you feel this is for you or know someone who needs help to recover from Lyme, please reach out to plan a 2hr Life Over Lyme discovery session with Catherine. 

In this session you’ll inform her of your current and past Lyme journey. Then together we discover what is slowing you down or stopping you from recovering your health. We uncover habits and attitudes that can prevent your healing, create a clear vision for what your Life Over Lyme looks like for you and then create a step by step plan to move you forward. 

At the end of this session Catherine will be able to offer the best program adapted to your personalized situation as there are different modalities and investment points.

Contact details

Phone: 1 (819) 323-9399

Email: inspiration@catherinegagnon.ca

website: www.MissionLyme.com

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