Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a growing and yet controversial problem that causes incredible suffering physically, emotionally and financially to thousands of people across the world. As someone who battled with the disease for the best part of a decade, I wanted to find ways to help people struggling with similar long term health problems. 

Whilst these pages are primarily focused on Lyme disease I hope much of our content is relevant for anyone suffering from long term illness. Please feel free to browse the site and if you have any suggestions, please get in touch.

Featuring eight personal stories from Lyme disease patients across the world, giving advice and hope to other victims that they too can recover.

If you think your story can inspire others or it just helps you to tell people what you’ve been through (even if it’s not about Lyme) then please submit your story.  

A collection of personal stories submitted by our readers who hope you can relate to and learn from their struggles battling illness.

A list doctors, clinics and other useful contacts, provided by Lyme disease patients, who might be able to help you with your illness.

We’ve provided links to a number of suppliers (e.g. supplements, herbs, nutrition etc) who we hope can provide you with the best products, prices and service.

Articles and blogs that give you advice and information on subjects such as nutrition, exercise and mental health as you try to overcome your illness.

Medication Survey

One of the aims of this site is to try to make life easier for patients suffering from long term illness. As part of that I’d like to be able to negotiate with medication suppliers (e.g. for supplements, herbs) to provide you with the best products and prices/discounts. To be able to do that, I’d like to know what you need and it would really help if you could complete this Medication Survey