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London Clinic of Nutrition (LCON) claims to be the UK’s leading Lyme Disease treatment clinic, with a large team of highly-experienced practitioners that have helped hundreds of clients to manage this exhausting and much-misunderstood condition.

LCON uses the functional medicine approach which involves understanding which of the body’s systems and processes are not functioning correctly and why; a process that is individualised to each patient. By working with diet, supplements and herbal medicine they try to improve the function of these systems, paying particular attention to gastrointestinal function, detoxification and immunity. They will also consider overlapping factors such as heavy metal toxicity, bowel toxemia, nutrient deficiencies, endocrine abnormalities, environmental toxins, sleep disorders and mitochondrial dysfunction.

LCON will use the following techniques to help them identify and target Lyme and co-infections:

  • Extensive case history using extensive forms
  • Detailed specific Lyme questionnaires (such as those developed by Richard Horowitz MD)
  • Comprehensive blood chemistry
  • Sensitive Lyme testing from a specialist Lyme labs in Germany such as Armin, Immunoscience, Melisa and DNA Connexions.

With additional services such as Intravenous therapy, silver, and immune boosting intravenous cocktails; LCON is a one-stop shop for all lyme disease and associated conditions.

Unlike other clinics, the LCON practitioners don’t work in isolation or compete against one another. They meet regularly to share their knowledge and training, so that their patients enjoy the benefit of their combined experience. It is with this approach that they claim to have been getting such good results with patients.

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Tel: 020 3332 0030


Website: https://londonclinicofnutrition.co.uk/

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