Ian McCartney

In 2008, Ian’s life was turned upside down by a tick bite.  In his decade long battle to recover from Lyme disease he became an author, a game developer and he set up a tutoring business to help children learn through play.

You can read more about how Ian’s life changed in About Ian

Ian’s aim is to help people struggling with long term illness, such as Lyme disease and to encourage children to be the best they can be.

Discover Ian’s new book, the Kiss of Lyme, written to give hope to other Lyme disease victims that they can recover.

Learn how to submit your own story and read other people’s experiences overcoming long term illness. 

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The Lollopers is a book series written for children aged 8 to 12 that follows the magical adventures of ten year old twins, Sam and Olivia together with best friends, Charlie and Natalie as they enter the mysterious world of NumBugz and join the fight against the Grimper and its attempt to destroy the world

Discover The Eternal Cycle and The Spiral Staircase.

You’ll never look at the natural world in the same way again! 

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Dec 19  The Kiss of Lyme is now published – featuring eight personal stories from Lyme disease victims across the world, who hope that sharing their experiences can help others recover.  

Dec 19 The Spiral Staircase is now published – a school trip to The Natural History Museum in London turns into a breathtaking adventure for twins, Sam and Olivia, and their best friends Charlie and Natalie. 

Dec 18 The Eternal Cycle, book 1 in the Lollopers series, makes it (very briefly) to Number 1 in Amazon US 

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